Anandabrata Ghosh

Writer. Director. Producer. Creative Technologist

Sometimes, unknowingly a storyteller is part of his own story. This one spans 20+ years and across the myriad experience of Entertainment Media, Technology, Digital and the congregation of them.

Today life is all about stories.

I was introduced to the big screen at the age of 4 with - Enter the Dragon. In that very moment film making was forever going to be part of my being. Also with that, came the defining lesson of my life, from the legendary Bruce Lee

"ADAPT what is useful, REJECT what is useless, and ADD what is specifically your own"

Today, every moment begins with an insatiable curiosity and the story continues.


Director and Executive Producer of feature films. Produced and Creative Directed advertising commercials  and campaigns. Producer and Creative Director of digital series. Director of music documentaries & corporate films.

Consultant for creative digital campaigns for brands using new media formats across the impression, engagement and conversion pipeline.

Work experience as a software product technical architect for Infosys and Accenture