Anandabrata Ghosh


My first encounter with celluloid was in a single screen theater, in a small town, in the interiors of a Assam. The film was Enter The Dragon. 

The dragon did enter my being and before I knew I had started weaving stories, subconsciously. Even the mundane became colorful with my imagination. Childhood to adulthood unfolded as I created it, somewhere imagination itself  had become a fantasy.

It was not until an amazing and essential 7 years of IT at Infosys and Accenture, that I had a mid life awakening, and all the memory and beauty of the imagined world rushed back within. Thus began the conscious journey of film-making

It has been 15+ years since and the myriad tapestry of storytelling continues, ever learning, evolving and growing.

As of now, I head a production services company - Film Wrench . We offer end to end production service across media formats.  

In personal capacity, I work as an Executive Producer/Creative Producer for long format projects viz. feature films/web series and as an Associate Producer/Producer for advertising, digital films and other formats.

Direction towards Direction is always headed in that direction. Until now, directed a feature film, few commercials documentaries & corporate films. 

Currently in process of developing my forthcoming long format projects. 

On my journey, I draw inspiration from these words of Bruce Lee(My first film protagonist)  - "ADAPT what is useful, REJECT what is useless, and ADD what is specifically your own"